Calling All Artists!

Time to get your work ready for the Waimarino Art Awards.

Read the category rules and frequently asked questions below.   Detailed Terms and Conditions are here.

Submit your work before the deadlines. See key dates here.

Come and celebrate together at the awards evening on Friday 27 September 2024.

Thank you to all of our sponsors who invest in many social, cultural, and sporting activities, not just the art awards.

All entries are automatically eligible for both the Premium and People's Choice awards.

Important facts worth knowing

Premium Award          $3,000                    Sponsored by Ngati Rangi
The Judges will award this prize to the best in the whole show, across all categories.

Peoples’ Choice
A voting box for People’s Choice will be obviously placed, for viewers to make their judgement! Last year Pauline Allomes from Whanganui won, hands down. The prize is announced at the end of the 2 week exhibition, on 11th October.

Photography               $1,000                     Sponsored by RDC Mayoral Fund

To win the Photography prize, you have to enter your photograph under the subject category it belongs to, e.g. Portrait, Landscape, Abstract, etc.

Win a fantastic original art work for $5 / $10.  Several artworks are available to win. 

Fine Arts Categories

Any medium can be used in these categories, for example, watercolour, oils, acrylic, drawing materials including pastels, collage, ink, screen print, photography and anything else that is two-dimensional.

Hanging fixtures, such as D-rings and string, must be attached so the work is ready to hang.

Choose your category below:

Landscape    Prize $1,000 Sponsored by Lilburn Transport

Entries in this category can be in any medium used for drawing, painting and photography. Works on any two-dimensional surface (canvas/paper/board etc) will be accepted, provided the work is ready to hang with D-ring + nylon, cord or wire fixed on the back.

Photographs must be presented mounted and framed if on board or paper. Unframed is fine for the canvas on box frame. The minimum size needs to be A2. Dont forget D-rings and cord.


Entries in this category can be in any medium, including photography.

Photographic images must be A3 size or larger. All must be ready to hang with D-ring + nylon, cord or wire.

Ensure you have legal permission to present the image of any person.

Scenes of Everyday Life

All two-dimensional mediums can be used, including photography.

This category includes what used to be called “Still Life”. Scenes of everyday life portray a style of living through a choice of objects or a scene that is more about human activities than a landscape.

Photographs must be A2 or larger, framed, or on canvas/board.

All must be ready to hang with D-ring + nylon, cord or wire.

Abstract Art

Any two-dimensional material – for example oils, watercolour, acrylic, pencil and abstract photography will be accepted.

Entries must be A2 or larger in size.

Are you unsure if your piece of art is abstract or not? Abstract art has no recognizable subject, like a person or a building. It is purely colour, pattern, shapes, texture and lines.

All must be ready to hang with D-ring + nylon, cord or wire.


Plants, animals and our environment can be portrayed in any medium, including photography.

Photographs, no smaller than A3, framed or on canvas/board.

All must be ready to hang with D-ring + nylon, cord or wire.

2D Fibre Arts & Collage   Prize $600 Sponsored by Citizens of Raetihi

This category is for works that hang flat on the wall that are made of fabrics, fibres and other materials.

All must be ready to hang with D-ring + nylon, cord or wire.

Dare we have...
a wall of cats?

Extraordinary Categories

Three Dimensional Arts

Three-Dimensional Art Forms

Pottery, clay, glass, wood, bone, metal, fibres, including plant fibre, plaster, and papier-mâché, or a mixture of these materials may be used. You may make objects of any subject matter. The size of entries should be such that one or two people can move it.

Objects made of harakeke or other plant fibre, including baskets, are very welcome.

Please send photograph and measurements, and weight if it is heavy, by the pre-entry deadline, September 2nd.

If you need to give specific display instructions, please inform the coordinator as part of your pre-entry.

3D Fibre Arts

Any fibre is acceptable, so long as it doesn’t stink!

Quilts: If you want to show a king-sized quilt, please do, but we can only accommodate four. Send photographs and measurements of your quilt by 2nd September. We will choose the best four from the photographs, then inform all entrants if your quilt has been selected or not. If so, you can continue the entry form process.

Film Clip

In this age of Insta, Facebook and Tik Tok, we hope people will have a short clip that says it all.

Submit one or two clips. Each clip must be no more than 60 secs long, plus10 secs showing your name and the title of your clip. Submit them on a USB stick, clearly labelled.

Your clip will be screened along with all the others on a continuous loop, so remember to include 10 seconds of Name Board, with the title. You may include sound if you wish, but the decibels will be moderated to a low volume, audible only to people in front of the screen.


You may enter up to two garments, which must be of your own design.

You must include preparation drawings and swatches as part of proof that the design is your own. Use the drawings and some words, if necessary, to highlight the special features of your clothing.

The better of your two garments will be on a mannequin, the other will be displayed on a hanging frame.

Your drawings will be displayed on a display board.

We are not looking for WOW® garments, but something that can be displayed on a model, mannequin, or hanger.

We don’t have any mannequins in the Theatre in Raetihi, so if you have one you can bring, that would be ideal! However, we can find some, as long as you inform us what size mannequin you will require, and any other important details, by the 2nd September.

If we have enough entries to do a catwalk, we will. We can find models, provided we have sizes/measurements before the deadline 2nd September.

Junior Categories

Categories are focused on encouraging best in class creative contributions from our local tamariki across the southern Ruapehu district.

All eligible primary schools have been contacted directly. Pupils who win a prize will receive $50 plus art materials. Your school will win $500 towards the art department.  Schools should enter as normal.

Secondary school students should enter as adults in the relevant categories, just make sure you declare your school's name and which Year you are in. There is a Junior (Years 9-11) and a Senior Prize (Years 12 and 13).

Primary Schools Local

All local schools (kura) can enter up to 15 pictures. The winning school gets the main prize and the best two individual pupils win $50 and a box of good art materials each. Pupils’ work should be entered by the school online as normal. The coordinator will come and collect the works and process the entries.

Coordinator – Annie Stone

Phone: 021638800

Secondary Students

The first prize will be awarded to a student from Year 12 or 13.

Second prize will be given to a student from Years 9 - 11 .

Secondary students should enter as individuals via the entry form

Sponsors and Prizes

Coming soon....  Watch this space.